Monday, June 8, 2015

Just Now :: June 8, 2015

current time: frantic morning
in my belly: scrambled eggs, eaten in a rush this morning, between feeding all the animals.
out the window: gray skies, hopefully clearing
in my ears:  morning prayers on the way to work from here.
by my bedside: The Apothecary by Maile Meloy, a recommendation from my daughter
watching: still trying to finish the last episode of Call The Midwife
wishing: for four day weekends, two for work, two for play
feeling: like things in my life are falling into place
learning: how to foster five scampy kittens, brought our first litter of four-week old kittens home Saturday to prepare for adoption.
good things:  tanned daughters that smell like sunscreen, fresh strawberries that fall right off the stem into your mouth, tiny kittens full of floof and purrs, freshly washed sheets, good friends who are always there to help out.

the love list:
book recommendations from parnassus
this blog i found via pinterest
these fried honey bananas
the story of this priest
never stop loving raffi
young girls and puppies learning together